[eDebate] Announcing the First Annual "IDEA Exchange" and International The People Speak Events in Prague

Noel Selegzi nselegzi
Mon Aug 7 17:31:22 CDT 2006

IDEA is pleased to announce that a new event, the "IDEA Exchange," which
will take on November 1st and 2nd, 2006 at the same location in Prague,
the Czech Republic, as the IDEA-NL General Assembly.  
This event, which is free of charge, will feature workshops and seminars
designed to help facilitate the exchange of ideas on how to promote and
sustain debate.
Workshops already planned include: 
*Fundraising Strategies;
*Proposal Writing;
*Grant Management and Reporting Procedures;
*Curriculum Creation; 
*Middle School Public Debate;
*Limited Preparation Time Debate;
*Debate in the Neighborhood
*Assessing the Value and Impact of Debate;
*Youth Citizen Journalism;
*Model UN;
*Deliberation Across the Curriculum;
*Debate as a Method of Teaching English
*Tournament Administration;
*Using the IDEA web site. 

If you would like IDEA to provide a workshop on a topic not mentioned
above or would like to lead a workshop yourself, please email your
suggestions to Jurate Motiejunaite at jmotiejunaite at idebate.org.
Though there will be no for the IDEA Exchange, people will need to make
their own travel and hotel arrangements.  Our host recommends using
hotel Slanka, Cernosice for accomodation. Here bed and breakfast cost 16
Euro per person. If you choose this option, you need to confirm your
request to stay at this hotel by SEPTEMBER 15, 2006. Email the travel
agent Ms. Hanka Engelova at hanka at hanka.cz. You will need to pay by
Sept. 20. Of course, you are welcome to make other arrangements with Ms.
Engelova or make your own arrangements.
In addition, IDEA will be hosting The People Speak events in conjunction
with the IDEA Exchange.  We will have more information on the TPS events
If you have any question regarding this event, please contact Jurate at
jmotiejunaite at idebate.org.
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