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Wed Aug 9 07:21:26 CDT 2006

IDEA is happy to announce the beginning of online text debates, part of our involvement in The People Speak. To participate, go to the TPS <http://www.idebate.org/discussion/view_category.php?id=10>  section of the iDebate.org forum. Teams can also participate. A moderator will set up topics in the TPS eDebates <http://www.idebate.org/discussion/view_forum.php?id=64>  forum where you can choose a side to argue. The debate will be introduced with all the information necessary. Think about your first arguments and begin!

E-Debate Guidelines

The format is relatively simple to grasp, but because the debates are online and therefore exclusively text-based, speeches and responses are expected to be specific and on point. Please adhere closely to the guidelines below to ensure debates run smoothly:

There is no ?time limit? on making arguments, but each ?speech? should be no less than 250 words and no more than 1000 words. Speeches can not be edited once they are posted, so please consider and proofread carefully. 

1.	Each side will have 3 speeches, taking turns responding to each other. Thus, debaters will not be allowed to post more than one speech consecutively. Please be courteous to your opponent and respond in a timely fashion, but be understanding of possible lags in your opponent?s responses. 
2.	There will not be a ?question or cross-examination? so debaters are encouraged to include any requests for clarification for their opponent in their speeches.
3.	The judging period will be limited to 2 weeks following the debate, starting from the time when the poll is posted. Judges are encouraged to add their comments and critiques of the debate in addition to their vote.
4.	Please note that this is an open forum, but only the participating debaters will be allowed to post during the ?debate round.?? Any unauthorized posts will be deleted.
5.	As always, be a courteous and tolerant debater, as you would be in a normal debate round. Personal attacks on your opponent may disqualify you from the future debates.


Anybody can judge a debate! Following the completion of three speeches from each side, affirmative and negative, the floor will be open for comments from judges/readers and a poll will be created for readers to vote on which side they believe won. For a judgment comment to be eligible for guilder rewards, a judgment comment must be no fewer than 200 words.

Guilder Rewards

Guilders are reward points that equal 0.5 USD and towards the purchasing of goods and services like those available on the IDEA Store <http://www.storecmce49.com/> . Guilders can be used to purchase anything from books to entry fees. Guilders will be awarded for e-debates as follows:

20 guilders ? Awarded to each individual e-debate participant

10 guilders ? Awarded to the winning debater

10 guilders ? Awarded to each judge/reader that comments


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