[eDebate] IDEA Announces First European Youth Speak Training

Noel Selegzi nselegzi
Fri Aug 11 10:54:50 CDT 2006

IDEA Debate Training Amsterdam
European Youth Speak 
September, 14 2006 - September 15, 2006  

We are looking for participants for:

Training in debating skills and public debate development
September 14-15, 2006
IDEA NL, Amsterdam

Are you interested in learning about argumentation and debating
techniques; learning how to become a debate trainer; learning about how
to use debating techniques in public debating and how to organize debate
events? This is your chance!

We are looking for motivated youth workers, neighborhood and community
workers & leaders, NGO workers, students, development officers & project
leaders, formal and informal leaders or people interested in youth work,
who would like to participate in our project training. The training will
be interesting for people with little knowledge of debate as well as
people with debate experience that would like to know more about its
practical applications and develop their trainer skills.

The training is a two day training course (in English) about
argumentation and public debate:

o What is debating, what is argumentation?
o Different formats of debate
o How to motivate young people from different backgrounds for debating
and discussions and set up your own trainings?
o How to use debate techniques in public debating and to organize debate
events about European issues throughout communities?

Besides this training we give all the participants the opportunity to
practise trainer skills by joining other parts of the EU Youth Speak
Project, for example by becoming a debate trainer or involvement in
public debate development. Information about this will be given during
the training.

The training is part of the EU Youth Speak project that is implemented
by IDEA Netherlands (International Debate Education Association)
together with debate organisations in 4 countries (Czech Republic,
Slovakia, Latvia and Estonia), with the aim to develop debate clubs and
public debate about the EU. At the end of the one year project there
will be a conference in the Netherlands for all the participants of the
project. The EU Youth Speak project started June 15th 2006.

The project objectives of the EU Youth Speak project are:
* Increasing young people's participation in discussion of important
issues affecting their lives at local, national and European level,
* Developing advocacy skills of young people, teachers, NGO workers and
community leaders
* Promoting knowledge of the European issues throughout communities

We aim to reach those objectives by doing different activities:
* Giving a two day training, Sept 14-15, to youth workers about debating
skills and public debate development and train the trainers (in
* Giving trainings to youth workers, in September and October, each 2
full days, to develop skills in debating, specifically focussed on how
to organize debate clubs and development of public debates on European
issues throughout communities (in Dutch);
* Guiding organisations in starting their own debating / discussion
* Supporting public debates;
* Organizing a conference with the other 4 countries on 16 and 17th of
March 2007. 

How to enroll the training course:
If you are interested to enroll this training course, please send an
email to Sanne de Kieviet (sdekieviet at idebate.org) before September 7,

There is no participation fee for this training 'debating skills and
public debate development'.

Please make sure you provide us with your name, the name of your
organization, a short description about yourself and a short motivation
to join the training and the willingness to help in other parts of our

Sanne de Kieviet
Management Assistant IDEA NL

Boudewijn Bekkers
Development Director IDEA NL
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