[eDebate] Wyoming Debate Cooperative Thanks

matt stannard stannardmatt
Mon Aug 14 22:22:07 CDT 2006

We just completed another successful cooperative.  Several people helped 
make this happen:

--Seth "Pinto" Ellsworth, our on-site director, without whom none of it 
could have happened.  Pinto was an incredible administrator.  There's no 
other way to put it.

--The participants: 25 policy debaters from Gonzaga, Western Illinois, 
Illinois State, Denver, Marist, Michigan-Dearborn, Emporia, and Wyoming.  
Coaches: Jimbo, Jellis, Pinto.  Student lab leaders: Will, TCram, Crowe, and 
Aaron.  Coaches from the "parli side" who helped out with judging: Bill 
Neesen (who directed the parli workshop AND cut cards for the policy folks), 
Tyler Thornton, and Jason Nichols.

Congrats to all the teams with winning records at the practice tournament: 
Alex and Pat from WIU, Kirby and Marie from DU, Ruth and Alex from Dearborn, 
Chris and Margeaux from Marist, Mike and Tony from Wyoming, Paul from 
Emporia (yeah he debated alone) and Schmerge and Jamie from Wyo.  Congrats 
to Paul, Schmerge and Jamie for a great final round as well.

The cooperative model is viable, reasonable, and work-inspiring. Viable 
because you never have an enrollment quota; reasonable because it's so much 
less expensive than other camps; work-inspiring because people work harder 
and more creatively knowing they are enacting a vision of an alternative, 
accessible future in competitive debate. Start one in your own region next 


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