[eDebate] Major Thanks To The WDC.

Margeaux marghiee
Tue Aug 15 17:08:45 CDT 2006

    Where to begin?

    Maybe it's best to keep it simple. WDC = awesome, awesome stuff. Many,
many thanks for accommodating varied levels of skill and providing an
innumerable amount of help and skill-building. Honestly, I can't remember a
time when I learned SO MUCH in such a short amount of time. The co-op has
provided both Marist and all of the schools in attendance with a sick amount
of ev and the skills to take the circuit by storm come this season.

    The WDC provided an very intimate learning environment. Stannard and the
rest of the WDC staff made sure that they knew everyone by name and that, if
there was anything you needed, they'd provide it for you if you asked.
Thanks to them, I not only understand Marxism now, but I can flow hella

    The ev set is really amazing and the camp tournament gave us a
competitive environment coupled with genuine help from other teams. It
really didn't matter who won or who lost. We all just packed up and went for
food together after the RFD, talking about how to run certain arguments all
the while.

    If you weren't there this summer in GORGEOUS Laramie [[ more sky than
I've ever seen in my life?. ]], make a point to be there next August.

    Crowe and Aaron: Thanks for being great lab leaders in lab and awesome
people outside of lab. I appreciate all of the help you gave me with my very
first K and letting me go off on my own little tangent with it. Also, thanks
for putting up with the perpetual, back-and-forth in-lab debating about
pretty much everything.

    Stannard: Thanks for helping me learn Marxism basics and for talking to
me for a bit about why we debate. And for, you know, starting an awesome

    Kozak and Jimbo: Thanks for the opportunity.

    The rest of the WDC staff: Thank you so much for everything. The flowing
workshop was helpful, and you were always eager to help out. Thanks for
making us feel like part of a community, even though we come from that
far-away-land of D8.

    I think that's it. Thanks again!

- Margeaux
Marist College
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