[eDebate] Asst. Coach Position - Gonzaga University

Frappier, Glen frappier
Tue Aug 15 18:28:30 CDT 2006

A couple weeks ago I announced a position opening for an Asst. Coach.
This is a nine month position that doesn't require the successful
candidate to live in Spokane during the season.  The position received
final approval and has been posted on the Gonzaga HR website.   We are
now accepting applications online at the following URL.




You can read the job description for yourself, but understand that this
position will require a lot of research throughout the season, as well
as judging and coaching at approximately 10-12 tournaments per year. 

The position is going to be open and we will accept applications through
August 25th.  We will make a decision quickly after the position closes.


I've spoken to a number of folks interested in the job, but I'd be happy
to answer any other questions anyone might have.  If you think you've
got what it takes to handle working with Pointer and I, I encourage you
to apply.


Glen Frappier

Director of Debate

Gonzaga University


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