[eDebate] NDCA Board Elections

Tara Tate tara_l_tate
Tue Aug 15 21:12:10 CDT 2006

The National Debate Coaches Association announces its Executive Board 
Elections for 2006.  There are currently four seats open.  Board members 
serve for a period of three years.

The National Debate Coaches Association provides all debate coaches, 
regardless of type of debate, region, or pedagogical style with avenues for 
professional development. The goal of the organization is to strengthen the 
ability of coaches to provide meaingful learning experiences for their 

The NDCA views this as a very exciting time for the high school debate 
community.   2006 served as the inaugural year of our NDCA Championships -- 
a tournament with the mission to revitalize regional debate.  The 2007 NDCA 
Championships will host both an LD and a Policy Division and will be held at 
Carrollton Sacred Heart in Miami, FL.  The tournament will be April 14-16, 
2007.  The NDCA also is undertaking other projects, including a tie to ADA 
membership, the Barton Scholars that funds high school coaches to attend 
summer institutes, and our annual NDCA Convention.  Please visit our website 
at www.thendca.org for more information about the largest professional 
organization in the country for high school debate coaches.

Interested parties should email Tara Tate at ttate at glenbrook.k12.il.us with 
a statement indicating candidacy and a brief narrative about their platform. 
  Please submit these statements by September 01.  The vote will take place 
for the four Executive Board seats immediately and the new Executive Board 
will be announced at The Greenhill Fall Classic NDCA Town Hall Meeting on 
Friday, September 15.

Best wishes,
Tara Tate
President, National Debate Coaches Association

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