[eDebate] Snakes on the ADI

Brett Wallace bretagus
Tue Aug 15 23:02:52 CDT 2006

So after my last summer at the ADI i just wanted to
thank everybody who works hard to make this camp
happen every summer. If you need a jump on the topic,
want to learn more about debate, enjoy really awsome
cities like tempe AZ, want to hang out with some of
the coolest people around, enjoy kareoke, or are just
really bored in August next year i highly highly
suggest you attend the ADI. It has been 4 of the most
fun weeks of my life. 

I just wanted to thank Brushke, for during the awards
ceremony managing to look so much like The Dude and
sound so much like the Lord at the same time, Mike for
showing me how to make a bank shot (d7), Dr Dave for
his lyracist creativity, Adam for providing CJ and i
competition, Becky for being the only staff member who
had to be punished for watching the demo debate, Sue
for being the only one on the staff that doesnt make
fun of me, Jane for replacing the image of pete krine
in people's minds when they think of the fellows
coordinator, Gabe because i owe him 2 double AA
batteries, and well obvi because he had to deal with
all the ev. and anyone and everyone else that worked
on the staff who probably could have found better
things to do than spend 2 weeks out of their summer to
deal with annoying college students and even more
annoying fellows. 

Frap i though about excluding you from that list since
you clown on me so much but i figured since i forgot
to pay you back for fillaberto's we're even. actually
i wasnt really thinking of excluding you, i would
never treat a fellow Texan (DESPITE the fact that you
are an Astros and Rockets fan) that way.  

Also, i wanted to thank Jennings, Bricker, G-lo, CJ,
Jimmy Donald Durkee, John from Wake, Luis, Adam,
Theile, Phil, Ryan, and Borman for being some of the
coolest guys ive ever hung out with, for (most of you)
keeping up the every night pact, and payin anythign to
roll the dice just one more time. For those of you who
did not hear, we placed 2nd in the kareoke contest.

Some of the fellows had specific things they wanted to
thank which helped make the adi special for them. 

Jennings would like to thank the culinary masterminds
behind Skol, Patton would like to thank the makers of
BIC lighters, CJ would like to thank the makers of
redbull, Durkee would like to thank the Hippie Gypsie,
Adam would like to thank Carmen Electra's stripper
workout video, Thiele would like to thank whoever
invented plastic coolers, Bricker would like to thank
the Twin palms for putting a grill by the pool, G-lo
would like to thank myspace and facebook for verifying
his stories, Borman did nothing for 2 weeks and thus
has nobody to thank, Ryan would like to thank Calvin
Kline for giving him a modeling job, Luis dislikes
capitalism and thus refuses to give thanks to a
product, Phil would like to thank a number of flavored
botanicals including juniper berries and I would like
to thank the makers of solo dinnerwear.  

Also, everybody in my lab, yall we're awsome and alot
of fun. 

Lastly, dear lord, 6 lb 8 oz, tiny baby jesus, wrapped
in swaddling clothes, i wanted to especially thank
Greg Achten for running the ADI, being one of the
nicest, most generous and most entertaining lab
leaders ive ever had, (i would also say smart but
after he called alito chief justice i realized his
intelligence level was only a slight notch above prof
dickweed), helping me improve my lying skills,
teaching me about domeshots, and teaching me if you're
not first...you're last. You were awsome greg.

- Ricky Bobby  

This clearly had nothing to do with Snakes...but i
thought that would get more people's attention than
"ADI thanks." And everybody better go on Thursday at
10pm to see Snakes on a Plane, or Samuel L. Jackson
will murder you. 

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