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O'Donnell, Brett M. bodonnel
Wed Aug 16 08:30:07 CDT 2006

ADA Secretary Michael Hall asked me to post the following.


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From: Hall, Michael P. 
Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 9:29 AM
To: O'Donnell, Brett M.
Subject: ADA mail ballot results


The results of the ADA mail ballot are as follows:



Proposal #1: Change "Article III, Section 4, C, 1, a" by adding the
following phrase at the end of the current rule:   "of which no more
than 18 rounds can be policy debate."


Passes 13 yes - 5 no


Proposal #2                 Eliminate "Article III, Section 4, C, 2"


Passes 10 yes - 7 no - 1 abstention


Proposal #3:  Change "Article I, Section 2" to read "TOPIC--The ADA will
adopt the policy topic approved by the Cross-Examination Debate
Association.  If CEDA does not adopt a policy topic, the ADA will adopt
the NDT policy resolution."


Fails 9 yes - 9 no






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