[eDebate] Baltimore Debate co-op and some notes about our tournaments

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Aug 16 20:28:15 CDT 2006


we have been working at the Baltimore debate cooperative for 3 days now and
have had students from Towson, Morgan state, Coppin state, Frostburg state,
Baltimore city community college, Whitman, TESTT, and the university of
Maryland college park working together to build cases and have practice
debates on this years topic.

We are working with the Wyoming debate cooperative in a pioneering effort
that we hope will make everybody go to low cost co-ops, they share with us
and we share with them. This has ben amazingly effective at introducing
debate to new schools (check the debate results and see how many of those
programs had teams last year) and hopefully will be part of our effort to
bring low cost competitive debate alternatives to local regions interested
in starting debate programs.

That being said i would like to ask again who will be attending our
tournaments in the fall and winter. Soon i will have them up on debate
results, but in the mean time as a reminder we will have tournaments the
following dates....9/30-10/1 , 11/4-11/5, 12/2-12/3, 1/20-1/21.

This is an opportunity to support college debate in urban areas, the
development of new programs,and students who have previously been denied
opportunities to debate in college seeking the opportunity to engage in what
we all love. So put your (admittedly small) amount of money into a project
most of you say you would agree with and join us in Baltimore for a set of
friendly and good debate tournaments....

Andy Ellis
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