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"While I think there is a very compelling real world literature on the policy issues concerning nanotechnology, I'm afraid that our debates will tend to spin outward to the "galactic" (again, a word used in the paper) issues.  I accept the conclusion of the paper that these issues can be answered.  I just don't think this is a very productive use of an entire year of debating.   There are many more public policy issues that are more central and important, in my opinion, to nanotechnology."
because whether or not children with different skin colors should be transported 20 miles is a more "important" and "productive" debate than "galactic" issues?
just my opinion, but the world is awash with lawyers, politicians, and concerned citizens who have learned to focus on which doily pattern they should rest their Damboa Swarovski on.   a studied lowering of gaze, a conscious refusal to listen past the mundane clickety-clack of life made little.  we teach the children to deconstruct texts, putting aside their dreams of travelling to the stars.  they learn not to look to the heavens but to mind whether or not they are stepping on the cracks in the sidewalk.
of course, those who would live larger always have religious lunacy and ideological fantasy to darken their restless minds.
i humbly beseech further consideration of the issue...  Nick Bostrom offers a sobering conclusion about the moral cost of human sloth:"With very advanced technology, a very large population of people living happy lives could be sustained in the accessible region of the universe. For every year that development of such technologies and colonization of the universe is delayed, there is therefore an opportunity cost: a potential good, lives worth living, is not being realized.... What matters for present purposes is not the exact numbers but the fact that they are huge. Even with the most conservative estimate, assuming a biological implementation of all persons, the potential for one hundred trillion potential human beings is lost for every second of postponement of colonization of our supercluster."
Michael Korcok
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