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Jim Hanson hansonjb
Mon Aug 21 22:33:45 CDT 2006

this is from matt taylor--PLEASE EMAIL HIM, NOT ME.

matt is at mtaylor at fullcoll.edu 


If you missed the call for WFA it is reprinted below.

We want to remind you that we are looking for a couple of performance panels this year. 


The Western Forensic Association is accepting papers for the Western States Communication Association Regional Convention to be held in Seattle, Washington, February 16-20, 2007. The deadline, procedures, and formal elements of the submission process can be found online at: http://www.westcomm.org/conventions/WSCA-2007-Seattle/call.pdf. The theme for the 2007 conference is ?Promoting Social Justice through our Work.? 


We are excited to announce a new element to our call for papers. In addition to our traditional call for competitive papers the Western Forensic Association will be expanding to include performance panels that highlight both debate and individual events. As a result, WFA will accept three (3) types of competitive submissions for the 2007 WSCA conference: Competitive Papers, Program Proposals, and Performance Proposals. 


Those wishing to submit traditional competitive papers and/or program proposals should follow the guidelines offered in the call for papers (at the URL listed above). WFA encourages two specific types of traditional scholarship. First, we are interested in papers and panels dedicated to the theory and practice of argumentation in the public sphere. Second, we are interested in papers and panels dedicated to forensics pedagogy. All submissions will be blind peer reviewed.


Those wishing to submit a performance panel should follow the guidelines for ?program proposals? in the call for papers (at the URL listed above). WFA would like to encourage performance panels that both offer an important commentary on the theme of the convention and forensics community but also performances that will showcase our activity to a non-forensics audience. We can imagine proposals for debates between rival institutions on the best way for the forensics community to promote social justice, a showcase of inventive POI?s, and/or a showcase of rhetorical criticism as practiced in CA. We encourage you to be creative and to celebrate what makes our community great. All submissions will be blind peer reviewed.


If you have any questions please contact Matt Taylor at mtaylor at fullcoll.edu.
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