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Tue Aug 22 22:34:25 CDT 2006

Hey gang -

Today was Quad Day at U of I (35th edition!!), so the eternal optimists of
the Illinois Policy Debate Team headed out to urge the first years to argue
with the class and grace that our community emphasizes.  By the end of the
day, we had over 300 people signed up....Chime can't even speak now (and
we're all thankful :)  If 1/3rd of them show up, we'll have 100 people at
our first meeting.  Among these masses are many former high school debaters
who are excited at the opportunity.  I don't know if anyone has tried to run
a 100-person debate team, but myself and the other volunteer coaches here
are not going to be able to handle 20 debaters, let alone 100 or 200 or

Meanwhile, our increasingly hostile administration continues to believe that
having intercollegiate policy debate at this university would be a gigantic
waste of taxpayer and student activity money.  We've now been informed we
won't be funded for coaching or judging at all.  The office of the Provost
has told us to basically stop trying.  The Speech Communications department
is now actively inviting themselves to our meetings with administrations and
possible funding sources for the sole purpose of bad-mouthing  policy
debate.  This department *is* funding a team this year; the mock trial
team.  They cut NDT debate loose in the 1970s and then the speech, parli,
and LD debate team in the past few years.  For mock trial.  Maybe the noise
of 300 people will bring us some hope.

We press on, and damnit we'll see you at the debates.  As always, we cannot
thank the community enough for their help and advice as we go forward.

Rich in people if poor in dollars,
Tim Glass
"Coach", U of I

Policy Debate Team
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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