[eDebate] Can you donate a round a the Berkeley Opener?

Israel Pastrana i_pastrana
Thu Aug 24 21:12:50 CDT 2006

We didn't have the Berkeley opener on our tournament schedule when we had the discussion about policy debate at Oregon this year.  Getting funding to go to the tournament would most likely mean cutting one of the few other tournaments on our schedule.  We (Nik and I) think we can help the situation by helping to cut the costs of attending the tournament.  Our plan as of now is to avoid the hotel expenses by taking Jordan up on his offer of Southwestern's floor space.  You can help us further cut costs by donating a round of two so that we can cover our commitment.  We think that taking these steps would allow us to deffer enough of the cost of attending the tournament so that we will not have to make tough decisions regarding our schedule later in the year.  
  Thanks a lot for you support,
  Israel Pastrana
  Nik Ligget

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