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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Aug 28 19:31:59 CDT 2006


I wanted to give people a few updates,

First we have started to get some entries and some inquiries, if you are
planning on attending please let me know so that we can plan
accordingly.Weare trying to teach the new programs to use debate
results and it would help
if people entered.

Second. We are likely to have people from towson speech classes attend the
second and third tournament and we want to get as many of those students
debating as possible. If it so happens that the entry from our classes
unbalances the field we are considering letting our teams debate each other,
HOWEVER we would love to not have to do this and would encourage other
people to bring in class debaters to the November and December tournaments
as well. Please give me feedback on the possibility that we let there be
towson towson debates.

Third. Our entry fees are still the lowest in the country for each of those
weekends and if you have connections to promoting debate in undeserved areas
we will probably waive your fees.

Fourth. Talk to us about housing and transportation support. We can make
some arrangements if you get in touch with us early.

Finally, as this season starts we are excited to get to work on this project
and I know that many of you are excited about what we are doing and aim to
support us. There are many ways to help (donating evidence, providing mentor
coaches, donating rounds of judging) but one  of the biggest ways you can
help is helping us make sure these tournaments not only make but provide
friendly and challenging competition. Thank you to those of you who have
already committed your support, and i look forward to talking to other
people in the next few weeks.

Andy Ellis
Baltimore College Debate Project
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