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Wed Aug 30 17:29:25 CDT 2006


One of the guiding principals of the Baltimore College Debate Project is
that debate should be fun and connected to the communities from which
debaters come.In that spirit i am excited to announce that in partnership
with Y.O.U.R.S, a local non profit committed to education, community
empowerment, and youth run business(one of which is a tshirt business-order
your t shirts from them-ask me how), we will be hosting a series of cultural
events to celebrate the emergent debate community in the mid Atlantic

Saturday September 30th  7:30-11

We will host a Premiere Celebration for the Baltimore College Debate
Project. The entertainment for the night will be a  series of local artists,
many of whom are either students teachers or community workers in Baltimore.
Hip hop, R&B, spoken word poetry, and other musical performances will set
the background for an all ages celebration of debate community and
education.If you are interested in performing and will be attending please
let me know. This is an all ages event and is a benefit for Y.O.U.R.S.
Tickets will be 7 dollars in advance and 10 dollars at the door.

I will begin to announce the line up as it becomes available and will tell
you about the future dates as they get booked.

Andy Ellis
Baltimore College Debate Project
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