[eDebate] New DOF at the University of Denver

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Wed Aug 2 11:32:57 CDT 2006

ditto. nice work zach and best of luck in your future.

jim :)
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Brian will do a great job running the DU program, but I just wanted to say
something about Zach: In two short years he has turned the DU team into a
competitive national team and has cultivated and strengthened regional
debate in the process.  All of us in D9 were tremendously proud to see DU
qualify a team to the NDT this year and it's certainly going to keep
happening because of the foundational work laid out by Zach.  As his former
coach and now his colleague for the last two years, I'm very happy for him
for completing his degree and for the wonderful job he's done with his

Best of luck, z-skousa-skippity-bang (aka Nordberg)...


>From: "Zach Westerfield" <zachwesterfield at hotmail.com>
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>Subject: [eDebate] New DOF at the University of Denver
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>I wanted to send out an announcement that there is a new Director of
>Forensics at the University of Denver.  I have finished my JD and MA and am
>moving on to practice law in the Denver area.  Brian Schrader will be
>over as the new DOF at DU.
>We are all very excited about this development, as Brian is a superb coach
>and an excellent administrator.  Over the last year, Brian has served as
>assistant debate coach and has proved his weight in gold.  I'm sure that he
>will continue to build upon the success that the program has seen in the
>last couple of years and reach new heights never seen before at DU in
>Congratulations Brian, you deserve it.
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