[eDebate] New DOF at the University of Denver

john rief jrwatchtower
Wed Aug 2 20:17:33 CDT 2006

congrats brian!  du is certainly in great hands.


On 8/2/06, Logan Martin <logan.martin at gmail.com> wrote:
>  I would also like to extend public thanks to Zach for all his hard work
> as DOF these past few years.  I can't think of a single person that I know
> in any capacity, let alone debate, who has shown as much dedication and
> heart to what he does.  No matter how little money he was given, how far he
> had to drive, or how many cards he had to cut, or how many administrators he
> had to argue with, Zach has never said "no" to this team the last two years
> and he hasn't accepted any excuses from us.  Zach's the kind of coach that
> won't let you walk into a single round expecting anything less than
> victory...ever.  Zach is the kind of coach who could convince a brand new
> debater with no experience that s/he can get a first round bid by the end of
> their first season if s/he works hard enough, and, if anyone was as
> dedicated as Z, they probably could.  Zach's the kind of debater who still
> makes you feel like your round really matters if you're 0-7 before your last
> prelim and he has another team with a chance to break.  He taught me the
> meaning of the word "heart" and I am incredibly grateful to have been able
> to debate under him for the last two years.
> Thanks for everything, Zach, I won't forget it.
> Logan Martin
> University of Denver
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