[eDebate] west coast work

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Wed Aug 9 11:33:21 CDT 2006

contact matt taylor about this at wcdebate at aol.com

West Coast Publishing is looking for someone to write a topic overview for 
one of our LD books. The essay is 15 pages long (single spaced, Times Roman 
10 point font). We also need 2 pages of definitions for the resolution. The 
essay pays $294 ($18 per page for the essay and $12 per page for the 
definitions) but will need to be completed and turned in by August 18th. If 
you are interested please backchannel Matt Taylor at wcdebate at aol.com. 
Please include a short paragraph with your background in debate/LD and 
attach a short writing sample. If you have any questions please contact Matt 
at the above email address. The resolution is pasted below.

RESOLVED: When in conflict, freedom of expression ought to be valued above 
political correctness. 

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