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Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Wed Aug 16 16:56:20 CDT 2006

Hi all,
WDI worked on a Milliken aff--it makes equal opportunity to education a constitutional right (some affs argued through equal protection) and claims desegregated schools as the advantage.  There were also critical versions of this case---narratives, writing parts of the new decision, elaborating on the value of Brown.  We also worked on a number of Casey affs--big pro-choice, big pro-life, options for parental notification strike down and informed consent strike-down.  Lots of case negative and some off-case specific to Milliken and Casey.
HUGE thanks to Tuna Snider, Sarah Snider, John Meany, Chris Langone, James Thomas, Steve Woods, the Vermont debaters, and all the students for making WDI an incredible experience as always.  Everyone worked really hard and had a good time enjoying Burlington.  The emphasis was far more on skills, strategy discussion, and debating (each student had a huge number of full debates and twice as many mini-debates), then on compiling a large set of files.  The evidence is of very high quality, but very focused--for those generating argument lists, big Milliken (all ways) and big Casey (all ways) should cover it.
As we expand our emphasis on pedagogy at the WDI, watch for some exciting announcements about next year's institute!
Good luck on your preparations,
Kevin Kuswa
WDI College Policy and U. Richmond Debate

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