[eDebate] Snakes on the ADI

Philip Rappmund p.rappmund
Wed Aug 16 14:42:12 CDT 2006

I have only one thing to say... 850!  (or i guess it's actually 450... whatever)

Anyway I wanted to echo Wallace's thanks for the ADI.  I had a wonderful time 
and am glad I spent two weeks at the camp.  Thanks to all the fellows and staff 
for making ADI a great experience, and a special shout out to Sue Peterson (and 
all the Peterson lab members) for putting up with me for 2 weeks.

I highly recommend anyone interested in getting a head start on the topic, 
chillin out in world-famous Tempe, witnessing the underground rap skillz of Dr. 
Hingstman, and getting some research done while still having time to get owned 
by CJ/Wallace in pong and eating G-Lo and Bricker's award-winning hamburgers to 
apply to be a research fellow at next year's ADI.

Phil Rappmund
Vanderbilt University

P.S. Snakes on a Plane is gonna be freaking sweet

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