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On 25 Aug 2006 14:18:06 -0400, E. Hunter Brooks <
E.Hunter.Brooks at dartmouth.edu> wrote:
> I'm tired of all you radicals saying that just because the neg always wins
> we should do crazy stuff like talk about China (did we seri do that for a
> year?).
> Nonetheless, something must be done to make people want to stay around
> after the coin-flip at elims.
> Thus, how about a compromise: I propose one (or more) of the following
> three phrases be amended to the topic.
> 1. "All negative rebuttals are shortened by 2 minutes. Extra 4
> minutes are given to 1AR."
> Advantages: gets rid of structural neg-bias, so all that is left
> is topical neg-bias.
> Disadvantages: The 1AR doesn't really have to drop anything, nor
> does the 2NR really need 3, let alone 4, minutes, to win that the
> counterplan solves the case and there are like 50 kritiks you
> have no answer to and also omg politics and also ps you lose
> cause youre aff and it's the 2006-2007 topic which how the hell
> did this happen, seri.
> 2. "The negative can't read counterplans."
> Advantages: Might make it only a 65-35 neg-biased topic. George
> Washington can't say con-con.
> Disadvantages: PICs key to focus the debate. Best policy option.
> Aff has first and last speech, infinite prep. Aff gets the right
> to define terms.
> 3. "The aff gets a free food prices advantage. The impact must
> be Tampa Tribune in 96. The negative cannot impact turn, read
> alternate causalities, or anything else that could brunt this
> advantage. Counterplans that solve the case likewise cannot solve this
> advantage."
> Advantages: Any counterplan (ever) obviously solves the topical
> part of the case, so the neg has to prove that the aff, on
> balance, would kill more than 1/6th of the world. This is
> something like a reasonable handicap in, say, golf.
> Disadvantages: Neg gets free link to famine k even against a
> desegregation aff.  Jessica Yeats appeals to Christian Children's
> Fund's demand to feed the hungry in some neo-theology k aff that Dartmouth
> loses to real bad. Extinction is inevitable. Golf is classist. Unplayable
> misery burden. Davie is vap.
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