[eDebate] Missouri State - Craig Tournament Hotel

Morris, Eric R EricMorris
Tue Aug 29 17:21:20 CDT 2006

We've had a couple glitches on the hotel side of the Craig. Fortunately,
our contact there, Cindy Ebbert, is exceptionally committed to making
sure everything works out. If you've had any difficulty in registering
over the last couple of days, she should be back in touch with you. If
you are registering over the next couple of days, you may have better
luck contacting her directly than the front desk. 


Her direct line office phone is 417-520-8476. 


If you experience any difficulties, please contact me. 




Dr. Eric Morris

Asst Prof of Communication

Director of Forensics

Craig Hall 366A

Missouri State University

Springfield, MO 65897

(O) 417-836-7636

(H) 417-865-6866

(C) 417-496-7141

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