[eDebate] ...or not salvation

Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Sun Dec 3 21:26:29 CST 2006

1. It never stops being funny to yank Hoe's chain. He has exceeded his own
previously lofty record in ground-speed from 0 to crazy. I was pretty sure
for a second there he would clown Repko's little league team. He still may
now that Ive given him the idea.

2. I was kinda a supporter of the idea of Michigan playing OSU again before,
but now Ive changed my mind because it is quite possible their fans exhibit
more of a sense of entitlement than any other fans short of Notre Dame fans.
Im basing this decision solely on the reaction of Josh, which is irrational,
but fun.

3. Come on...Farra and Keenan deserved a bit of a ribbing for counting those
chickens when they did. Totally legit play to pour salt on the wound they
opened up by posting 24 hours before they games are announced. And where was
your outrage at those dong-gongers for USC fans who had just hilariously had
their hearts' broken by UCLA? I mean, live by the sword, my friends.

Go blow,

P.S. I ordered these subpoints to make it easier for the inevitable and
forthcoming Hoe line-by-line assault. Should be entertaining as usual.
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