[eDebate] Legends vs. Legend Killers: Who's Next?

Darren Elliott delliott
Mon Dec 4 02:45:13 CST 2006

Follow my train of thought, it ends with a purpose.  : )

So I went to see my nephew (a HS junior) wrestle this weekend.  He is
great.  Went 5-0 and won his class.  My sister is beside herself though
because all of her kids are really smart yet this one has decided he is
going to "college" for the WWE.  Plans to become a WWE superstar folks. 
He loves the stuff.  True to form last Sunday over the Holiday I was at
their house and a WWE Pay-Per-View was on.  One of the first matches was
a Legend Vs. Legend Killers match.  Ric Flair and a bunch of other 60
somethings against these young dudes and of course the old guys win.  I
laughed and told my sister maybe in 10 years her then 26 yr old son
could wrestle Flair who would be like 80 and lose to a legend too.  She
was not amused.  But it got me thinking....

Fast forward to our world now.  It has been posted.  The call has been
made.  This year's Heart of America is an OPEN Heart.  All who dare can
enter.  So naturally I think this is debates version of Legends vs.
Legend Killers.  I am interested in what Legends are coming out and what
Legend Killers think they got what it takes to knock people off their

I've heard rumors but I'd like confirmation.  I also will allow those
I've heard from to "out" themselves.  So pony up if you got what it
takes and tell us--who is coming to the HEART?  Will you be a LEGEND or


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC

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