[eDebate] Open Heart? Legends/Legend Killers...

Matt Gerber matt_gerber27
Mon Dec 4 10:23:55 CST 2006

I have heard rumors about the Open Heart, but there is still no official 
posting/invite from the Jayhawks....is this going to happen? Certain people 
need to know asap so they can start doing speed drills (although I 
personally never stopped...).

I am not trying to call anyone out here, but here are some of the 
"tentative" Heart partner pairings that I have heard about through the 
proverbial Grapevine. Not sure any of these folks have reached "legend" 
status yet, maybe Zive...

Scott Herndon & David Magariel (hopefully one of them got faster...)

Hajir Ardibili & Josh Zive (actually a scary team...two former debate stars 
turned attorneys, on a legal topic? Yikes.)

Terri Easley & Halli Tripe (can you say Topicality?)

Jeff Roberts & Obie Lansford (can you say Baudrillard?)

Mike Eber & Scott Harris (actually I haven't heard this, but wouldn't it be 

Myself & Jake Thompson (bad cop + worse cop =s SLOW cop)

If you know of other potential partner pairings for the Heart, post 'em to 
edebate, let's get this thing going....even if you have heard it in the 
context of "smack talk" like I heard from Leeper the other day...that's 
right, she has made the claim that her and Palczewski could really mop up if 
this thing happens.


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