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Below is the invitation for the 21st ADA National Championship
Tournament.  Hope to see you in Lynchburg.


December 1, 2006





Dear Colleague,


On behalf of the Executive Committee of the American Debate Association,
Liberty University is pleased to invite you to participate in the
twenty-first annual American Debate Association National Championship
Tournament on March 10-12.  The tournament is sanctioned by CEDA and
will abide by CEDA's policy on sexual harassment.  Our goal is to host a
competently managed tournament with all three divisions of debate.  As
has been past practice, the tournament tab room will be run by
independent administration.   


This year's tournament will feature six preliminary rounds and an
appropriate number of elimination rounds of debate in three divisions.
The tournament will be conducted in accordance with the rules of the
American Debate Association.  A copy of these rules is available upon
request.  They will also be distributed in the pre-tournament booklet.
Tournament entries must be received by March 6, 2007.  Entries after
that date are subject to campus room availability. Please note that
hotel reservations must be made by February 23, 2007 to guarantee the
special rate.


We hope you will plan to enter teams in all three divisions. This year
we will use the Bruschke tournament entry system (see attached


Fees will be $40.00 per participant (debater, judge or coach). Observers
may attend for $50.00 per person (an observer is any person attending
the tournament that is not debating or judging at least two preliminary
rounds or officially providing service to the tournament).  Our
tournament hotel will provide breakfast free to all tournament
participants staying at the Holiday Inn Select. Additionally, we provide
lunch on Saturday and Sunday, a banquet Sunday night and extensive
snacks in our hospitality room. This means low food costs for your teams
attending the tournament.  The tournament also provides outstanding
awards, including sweepstakes awards for all three divisions, traveling
trophies for the top speaker in each division and first place teams and
team awards for all teams reaching the elimination rounds.


March is a beautiful time to be in Central Virginia.  This is the second
time we have been honored to host the ADA National Championship
Tournament. We hope that teams from across the debate community will
participate at our tournament. If you have any questions, please call
(434) 582-2080.


Hope to see you at Liberty University.





Brett O'Donnell       Michael Hall                           John

Director of Debate   Tournament Host                    President, ADA


21st ADA Championship Tournament

March 10-12, 2007

Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia



Format:  The debate topic for the tournament will be the national policy


Resolved: The United States Supreme Court should overrule one or more of
the following decisions: Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 505 U.S. 833
(1992); Ex parte Quirin, 317 U.S. 1 (1942); U.S. v. Morrison, 529 U.S.
598 (2000); Milliken v. Bradley, 418 U.S. 717 (1974).


Time limits for speeches are 9-3-6 with ten minutes of preparation time.
There will be six preliminary rounds.  Rounds one and two will be
pre-set. Rounds three through six will be power matched. Three divisions
of debate will be offered: novice, junior varsity, and varsity.


Mutual preference judging, per the ADA rules, will be employed by the


An appropriate number of elimination rounds will be offered in
accordance with the ADA rules and based on the size of the tournament.


Entries: Enter as many teams as you like in each of the three divisions.
If entries exceed room availability, latecomers may be restricted to two
teams per school per division of debate.


Eligibility for participation in the division is governed by the ADA


1.      ELIGIBILITY FOR DEBATE DIVISIONS-- Tournaments will define
eligibility for particular divisions of debate in the following ways:

A. Varsity Debate--open to all students;


B. Junior Varsity Debate


1.      Open only to students who are competing in their first two
academic years of intercollegiate debate beyond the novice level. 

2.      Progression during the year. Debaters competing in JV must
progress to open or varsity debate: 

a.       if they advance to the final round of three JV, open, or
varsity tournaments (no matter where) in which there are 20 or more
teams in the division, or 

b.      if they qualify to attend the National Debate Tournament

3.      ADA Nationals. The aforementioned progression requirement based
on advancing to the final rounds of three junior varsity, open, or
varsity tournaments does not apply to ADA Nationals and Round Robins. 


A.    Novice Debate--This division is designed for debaters who are
truly in their first year of competitive debate or who have so little
previous experience that they are functionally first-year debaters.


1.      Eligibility. This division is open to debaters who: 

a.       have no more than a combined total of 50 rounds of Lincoln
Douglas and policy debate prior to the current academic year of which no
more than 18 rounds can be policy debate.

b.      have competed in the novice division in a previous year but have
not advanced into the elimination rounds at two tournaments.


2.      Forced progression into the JV division in the middle of the
academic year does not count against the two years of JV eligibility ADA
Nationals. The aforementioned progression requirement based on advancing
to the final rounds of three novice, junior varsity, open, or varsity
tournaments does not apply to ADA Nationals or Round Robins for which
participants are invited based on the current year's record of


B.     Any program director seeking an exemption from the above
standards shall submit a request to the Vice President who, in
conjunction with the Executive Committee or subcommittee thereof, shall
rule upon it. Appeals, once granted, may be revoked based on tournament


2.      ADA Nationals. For the purposes of the ADA National tournament
only, a debate team is defined as the two-person team that begins the
first rounds of the tournament and who debate together throughout the
course of the tournament. Hybrids may debate together at the ADA
National Tournament, but they may not clear to elimination rounds.   If
one of the debaters of a team cannot debate in any given round, that
round will be forfeited.  Teams that forfeit rounds will be given
average speaker points, but are ineligible to clear to elimination
rounds if speaker points are the determining factor for their clearing.
Debaters who forfeit rounds are ineligible for speaker awards


Entry: Please enter the tournament by March 6, 2007 using the Bruschke
Entry System (www.debateresults.com or
http://commweb.fullerton.edu/jbruschke/web/index.aspx). After that date
e-mail or phone entries directly to Michael Hall (mphall at liberty.edu;
434-582-2080). Entries after this date are subject to campus room
availability. Enter early as our room space may be limited.


Judging: Each school should provide a qualified judge for each one or
two teams entered in the tournament. A judge will be responsible to
cover three preliminary rounds and at least one elimination round for
each team entered. All judges will be required to judge through the
quarter final elimination round or one round after your last team is
eliminated whichever occurs later.  Some hired judging may be available
at the rate of $25.00 per round.  ADA rules stipulate that all judges
must "1) have attained a baccalaureate degree or 2) have no remaining
intercollegiate debate eligibility and be enrolled in their last year of
undergraduate studies.  Tournament directors may make individual
exceptions to this rule in the case of persons who enrolled in their
last two semesters of undergraduate study and are no longer competing in
intercollegiate debate.  Undergraduate students are eligible to judge
for a maximum of two semesters.  Any person who judges at an ADA
tournament forfeits the right to compete in any ADA tournament


All judges should post their judge philosophy to the Bruschke website by
March 3, 2007.


Fees: Entry fees are $40 per participant, $50.00 for an observer.  Make
checks payable to the American Debate Association. Fees include
trophies, lunch on Saturday, our famous hospitality room, and the awards
banquet on Saturday for all team participants, coaches, and judges.
Extra banquet tickets may be purchased for $30 per person (for persons
attending the banquet only, such as parents).


Hotel Accommodations:   The Holiday Inn Select is this year's tournament
hotel. The Holiday Inn is located on 601 Main Street off of Interstate
29. They are providing a flat rate of $62.00 per night for up to four
people per room and include a continental breakfast for each member of
your team and coaching staff for each day of the tournament (Liberty
will not be providing a continental breakfast because of this offer from
the hotel) and newly renovated rooms. Call the hotel directly at (434)
528-2500 (Ask to speak to Timby Mukherjee, the Sales Manager if you
encounter difficulties in making reservations). Reservations must be
made by February 23, 2007. After that date you are on your own and the
rate will increase. Please mention you are attending the Liberty
University Debate Tournament. If you have trouble making reservations,
call and we will assist you in finding rooms.


Entry Deadlines:


Hotel: Room reservations must be made by February 23, 2007. The Holiday
Inn Select will release our block of rooms after that date.


Tournament:   Please enter the tournament by March 6, 2007. Be sure to
phone or e-mail late entries or any last minute changes. Teams dropped
after March 7, 2007 at noon will still be assessed the entry fee.  


Please enter the tournament via the Bruschke Tournament Entry System at
http://commweb.fullerton.edu/jbruschke/web/index.aspx. Direct entries
after March 6 or other questions to Michael Hall, Liberty University,
Department of Debate, 1971 University Blvd., Lynchburg, VA 24502-2269 or
phone (434) 582-2080.  Fax (434) 582-2113.  E-mail mphall at liberty.edu.


Transportation Assistance: If you are flying to the tournament, you
should make reservations for Lynchburg Regional Airport. Rental cars and
vans are available. For those of you requesting transportation
assistance, please fill out the transportation request form and return
it to Michael Hall by March 3, 2007.




To Liberty University: Liberty University is located on Candler's
Mountain Road in the Southeast corner of Lynchburg, Virginia. Major
roads through Lynchburg going North and South include Interstate 29 and
State Highway 501. Divided Highway 460 serves Lynchburg from the East
and West. Signs mark campus exits on both Interstate 29 and 460.


To the Holiday Inn Select: Follow Interstate 29 to the Main Street
Downtown Exit.  Follow main street to the hotel on your left.


Tournament Registration: Registration will be held at the Holiday Inn
Select (follow signs) on Friday evening from 7:30 pm-10:00 pm.


Public Transportation: Public transportation systems serving the
Lynchburg area include USAir, Delta Airlines, Amtrak and Greyhound bus
line. Check with your local travel agency for schedules and rates.


Special Announcement: Alcoholic beverage consumption is not allowed on
the Liberty University campus. Smoking is only permitted outside the
academic buildings. Please do not smoke in the public lounges or
classrooms. Your adherence to the no smoking request will help to
guarantee a pleasant visit.



21st Annual ADA Championship Tournament





Friday, March 9


7:30 pm-10:00 pm         Registration (Holiday Inn Select)


Saturday, March 10

9:00 am           Round 1




12:30 pm         Round 2


3:30 pm           Round 3


Sunday, March 11


8:30 am           Round 4


11:30 am         Round 5




3:30 pm           Round 6


7:00 pm           Banquet (Holiday Inn Select)


Monday, March 12


8:00 am           Elims


Please note that no continental breakfasts are being provided at Liberty
as the hotel is providing a free continental breakfast buffet to each
tournament participant each morning of the tournament.  Coffee and tea
will be available at Liberty in the DeMoss Atrium.










21st Annual ADA Championship Tournament

March 10-12, 2007

Transportation Form

Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia






________Yes. We need transportation from the Lynchburg Airport on


________Yes. We need transportation from the Ramada Inn to Liberty


________How many people require transportation?




Flight Information:




________Flight Number


________Flight arrival time on Friday


________Flight departure time on Monday


________Flight departure time on Tuesday




Please return this form to Michael Hall before March 3, 2007 so that we
can make the proper


arrangements with our van rental company. Mail to Michael Hall, Liberty
University, 1971


University Blvd., Department of Debate, Lynchburg, VA 24502-2269.


Fax to 434-582-2113.




Brett M. O'Donnell

Director of Debate

Liberty University

1971 University Blvd.

Lynchburg, VA 24502



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