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Joe Patrice joepatrice
Mon Dec 4 18:33:16 CST 2006

CEDA 1st VP Report ? NCA 2006

I am sorry for the delay in posting my report.  At NCA the 1st VP had two
primary action items:

I.    CEDA Summer Meeting ? After a diverse group of schools expressed
preliminary interest, the deadline for bid submissions came and passed, and
I am happy to announce that the CEDA Summer Meeting (and the attendant CEDA
Topic Meeting) will take place at James Madison University.  Room rates are
approximately $50/night, meeting room capacity starts at 25/room, but if
there is greater interest, JMU can secure larger rooms.  Most importantly,
the meeting will provide unlimited wireless connections and free webcasting.

The meeting will take place May 19-23.  Tentatively, the CEDA Business
Meeting will run from May 19-21 and the Topic Meeting will run from May

II.     CEDA Nationals 2008 ? We have a tentative bid being put together by
Georgia State.  If a program has an interest in submitting a bid to host
CEDA Nats regardless of the year, please submit a bid.  A sample bid is
provided on the website.

Personal Activities ? In addition to my 1st VP duties I have interacted on
some areas of general CEDA Business that are worth reporting

A.    Backfile Project ? I have checked in on the progress of the backfile
project we authorized over the summer.  The project seems stalled for two
reasons: a lack of backfile submissions and a lack of a defined program for
seeking relevant submissions.  Regarding the latter, our coordinator is
preparing a list of files he feels would be most relevant to assisting new
programs.  Once this process is done, I would suggest more publicity for
this program to get more submissions.

B.    PR Committee ? The PR Committee has taken a number of steps toward the
goal of promoting CEDA.  There is an official CEDA logo and opportunities
for its use abound.  My observation of the process is that the committee
needs to integrate with the website, journal, awards, etc. using a
consistent logo scheme.  I have been told that the PR Committee is working
right now to get together a draft brochure for distribution to prospective
future programs.
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