[eDebate] Don't let crow's feet scare you away...

Matthew Cook wsu.cook
Mon Dec 4 19:02:19 CST 2006

Someone more talented and more eligible than me had better step up with a
hybrid team to put these dinosaurs in their place. I'd just like to put
these "boy, when i was a debater, you'd 'a been lucky to win two rounds at
this tournament" type comments to rest after a relatively successful
tournament. I also don't like old people that much. No, i don't know what
channel Matloc is on and, no, I can't carry your tubs for you.

Take the Jarman approach, foggies, and keep your legacy. A 1968 NDT top
speaker award isn't nearly as impressive when you lose MoState KO.

I support Wichita State Debate
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