[eDebate] Zive/Ardebili confirmed at the Heart

Darren Elliott delliott
Tue Dec 5 20:08:57 CST 2006

Zive sent me this.  It confirms the inside info I had received from
Hajir's dad.  Looks like it is shaping up nicely.  Add to that Mahoney
who has confirmed his return (no partner indicated), and Gerber and
Thompson and you gots the making of a Royal Rumble. 


Darren Elliott
Director Of Debate--KCKCC

>>> "Zive, Joshua" <Joshua.Zive at bgllp.com> 12/04/06 7:23 AM >>>
I saw your post on edebate, but I do not have posting privs.

For the record, the Jayhwk Alumni Team of Hajir Ardebili/Josh Zive will
be entering the Heart.  With glacial speed and persistence we plan on
overwhelming the Heart on our old home turf.  Of course, we are legends
in our own minds only.  

Additionally, there are rumors of a Mike Hester/Jon Sharp team as well.


Joshua Zive

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