[eDebate] open heart open retreat

jacob thompson jakethompsondebate
Wed Dec 6 22:39:58 CST 2006

With great reluctance and apologies to my partner (in crime) Matt Gerber, I 
am officially renouncing my announcement of participation in the open heart.

My wife just reminded me that I have a previous engagement that weenend.  I 
am slated to preside over the wedding of my brother-in-law and his fiance.  
SERIOUSLY, I became an internet minister and promised to perform their 

On a related note, I am now available to perform all sorts of 
pseudo-religious ceremonies (for a small fee) , including, but not limited 
to weddings, civil unions, and perhaps exorcisms.  In addition, I now insist 
on being called "The Reverend Dr. Jake Thompson"

Sorry Gerber--I know how much you were looking forward to "slapping" harris 
around again.


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