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Morris, Eric R EricMorris
Thu Dec 7 10:36:19 CST 2006

Here is CEDA's call for the 2007 NCA Convention. The All Academic system
isn't up quite yet, but I wanted to get this out now that the call is
finalized in order to get everyone thinking about this over the break.
Last year, there were several excellent submissions. High submission
numbers are critical for us to maintain slots at NCA (we currently have
11), or perhaps be able to expand slots in the future. 


There are on-going discussions about the structure of the CEDA business
meeting at NCA, the topic paper submission process, etc., that could
impact the 2007 NCA. There have been requests to have the CEDA Business
Meeting in 2 back-to-back sessions in order to help with the time
limits, or to do the same with the EC and general business meetings.
There has been discussion of awards for the stronger topic papers. I
hope that the CEDA leadership and others will comment on these questions
in response to my post. 


If you have an idea for a panel, but lack collaborators, I encourage you
to post it! When I've done that in the past, I've often gotten several
responses. Even if you've never been to NCA, never presented, or never
assembled a panel, you should give serious consideration to doing so
this year. I will help walk you through the process if you ask. 


Even if you are an undergraduate, you are eligible to participate, by
either submitting an individual paper or being on a panel. While you may
have heard (correctly) that NCA is expensive, many undergraduates have
gotten support from their programs/departments/universities to be
involved in academic conferences such as NCA. Why not look into it?


Here is the formal call:



Cross Examination Debate Association
Dr. Eric Morris, Missouri State University, 417-836-7636
EricMorris at MissouriState.edu

The Cross Examination Debate Association invites submission of papers,
panels, or extended abstracts for the 2007 National Communication
Association Convention to be held in Chicago from November 15-18, 2007. 

CEDA encourages scholarship which promotes and develops understanding of
argumentation and debate in contexts including but not limited to
academic debate, political debate, legal argumentation, and debate in
the public sphere. Proposals for presentation and discussion of issues
important to competitive debate practice as well as argumentation
theory, philosophy of argument, advocacy, decision making, argument
across cultures and argument in applied contexts are welcomed, as are
interdisciplinary linkages within and beyond the Field(s) of
Communication. Submissions which address the Convention theme,
"Communicating Worldviews:  Faith-Intellect-Ethics," are also

All submissions must be made electronically through the NCA Convention
online program planning system (All Academic). The DEADLINE for
submissions is February 15, 2007. If you need assistance learning to use
the All Academic system, please contact Eric Morris at the above email


Dr. Eric Morris

Asst Prof of Communication

Director of Forensics

Craig Hall 366A

Missouri State University

Springfield, MO 65897

(O) 417-836-7636

(H) 417-865-6866

(C) 417-496-7141


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