[eDebate] NCA panel proposal

Anne Canavan anne.canavan
Fri Dec 8 08:34:59 CST 2006

Hello all-
I am considering putting together a panel ont he role of judge's in the
activity of policy debate activity.  Some of the questions we are wanting to
ask are "How do Judge's comments affect the way debaters percieve their role
in the activity?" "What benefits do oral critiques provide competitors?"
"How can we train our competitors to get the most out of interactions with
judges?"  "How useful are judging philosophies?" and "How can CEDA support
our current critics?"  Let me know if this sounds interesting to you, or if
you have more suggestions for this panel.
Have a great end of the semester!

Anne M. Canavan
Instructor, Assistant Speech and Debate Coach
Tennessee Technological University
931 529 0300
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