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If you will be  finishing your Master's degree this year or if you're 
interested in making a  change in your current position, you should consider coming 
to  ISU! 
We're finally able to  do conduct a search for a Director of Debate at ISU.  
I have posted this  position announcement before, but I?m posting it again, 
for the last time, now  that the season has died down a bit. 
If you?re interested,  please send as soon as possible the following: 
1.  detailed  letter of application 
2.   vita 
3.  copies of  transcripts  
4.  3 letters of  recommendation 
Send them  to: 
Cheryl  Budde 
4480  Communication 
Illinois State University 
Normal, IL  61790-4480 
1.  What is  Normal, Illinois, like? 
ISU is located in Normal, Illinois (adjacent  to Bloomington) and is 45 
minutes East of Peoria, 45 minutes West of Champagne,  2 hours South of Chicago, 2 
hours East of St. Louis, and 2 1/2 hours West of  Indianapolis.  While  
Bloomington/Normal is a small Midwestern city, we have all of the comforts of a  
typical college town with a low violent crime rate and extremely affordable cost  
of living. 
What will the position  require? 
The Director of Debate position will be  responsible for the everyday 
coaching and management of our growing policy  debate program.  Currently we have 
three teams.  The DoD will be  expected to recruit from high schools, conduct 
practice debates, oversee  research assignments, manage the debate paperwork, 
organize debate squad and  team meetings, recruit and oversee a graduate 
assistant, plan and prepare a  tournament schedule, attend and coach at tournaments, 
and other duties typically  associated with coaching debate at this  level. 
Will I get to  teach? 
Yes.  The position is a  non-tenure-track (NTT) position that involves 
teaching 2 courses a semester in  addition to coaching responsibilities.  The types 
of courses taught will  mainly be introductory classes. 
Will this be my  program? 
Yes and No.  The DoD will be  responsible for the items listed above.  
Discretionary power will reside  with the DoD on coaching and administrative issues 
provided they are consistent  with the overall Forensics program at ISU.  ISU 
has a dual IE/debate  Forensics program, and the DoD reports directly to me as 
the Director of  Forensics.  In other words, the DoD will be working closely 
with me as the  program develops and grows.   
What is the  salary? 
Normal is a very, very, very inexpensive place to live.  The  salary for this 
position is competitive with other similar positions relative to  
cost-of-living.  It is also negotiable.  Talk to me personally about  this. 
What are the benefits  like? 
For more information on ISU employee benefits, you  can go to the ISU Human 
Resources page at _http://www.hr.ilstu.edu/_ (http://www.hr.ilstu.edu/) .  
Benefits are highly competitive with other State  universities.  The DoD will 
receive full medical and health insurance, as  well as other standard benefits. 
Any other questions????  Please ask  me!  Feel free to email me at this  
Joe  Zompetti 
DOF, Illinois State University 
Official  Call: 
Illinois  State University 
Normal,  Illinois 

The  School of Communication at Illinois State University is looking for full 
and  part-time instructors for 2007-2008. 
COMMUNICATION               Teach courses such as Introduction to 
STUDIES:                              Interpersonal Communication, Small 
Group Communication,                                                Organizational 
and Professional Speaking, Interviewing or other                           
courses as needed.  May  include academic advisement and                         
                        responsibilities in communication                     
 laboratories.  Strong  commitment to                      general education 
is essential. 
JOURNALISM                       Teach reporting and/or editing classes on 
IBM and MAC  computers. 
PUBLIC  RELATIONS:          Position may include academic advisement and 
responsibilities in  communication computer laboratories. 
PHOTOGRAPHY/                 Teach photography and media courses.  May 
include academic   
MEDIA:                                   advisement and responsibilities in 
communication  laboratories. 
INDIVIDUAL  EVENTS:         Direct or assist in the management and coaching 
of a nationally ranked  speech team.  Also teach courses in  area of expertise 
such as Introduction to Communication, Small Group  Communication, 
Argumentation, Interpersonal Communication, and coach in a  broad-based Individual Events 
DEBATE:                               Direct or assist in the management and 
coaching of a nationally  competitive debate team.  Also teach  courses in 
area of expertise such as Introduction to Communication, Small Group  
Communication, Argumentation, Interpersonal Communication, and coach in a  broad-based 
Debate program. 
This announcement  is designed to build a pool of applicants to be drawn 
from, for temporary full  or part-time positions, during the 2007-08 academic 
year.  Applications will be accepted throughout  the year, and appointments will 
be made as needed.  Master's degree preferred, Bachelor?s  degree required, 
teaching and/or related professional experience desirable.  Salary is dependent 
upon qualifications. Initial appointment made as positions  and funding become 
known.  Initial  review of applications is continuous and will continue until 
all open positions  are filled.  To ensure full  consideration, send detailed 
letter of application, vita, copies of transcripts  and three letters of 
recommendation to Cheryl Budde, 4480 Communication,  Illinois State University, 
Normal, Illinois  61790-4480. 
Illinois  State University  is an equal opportunity/affirmative action 
university encouraging  diversity. 

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