[eDebate] Next DCUDL Tournament in Need of Judges-Dec 16

Carlos Varela carlos
Sun Dec 10 22:57:39 CST 2006

Hello edebate community,

Our next tournament is to be held December 16th. It will be held in Towson
where we will be attending joint tournament with the Baltimore Urban Debate
League. We 
will be chartering a bus to leave from UDC, have three round of debating,
and return that 
same evening. We have 16 judging obligations total to fulfill so please let
me know if you are 

Also, thank you for joining the listserv for those of you who have had the
chance to do so. This will really help me consolidate efforts. For those of
you who would like to know about future DCUDL judging opportunities, you can
do so by going to this website and request to be added:
With appreciation, 

Carlos Varela


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