[eDebate] UTD Breaks & Tournament Update #1

Scott Herndon scottaherndon
Tue Dec 12 18:19:14 CST 2006

Hello all. Here are the first round of UTD tournament updates:


1. UTD breaks - I sent this to Jackie earlier and I'm reposting it now for
others who are interested:


We will go to a full double (unless there are drops) in open. The maximum
number of teams clearing will be 32. We simply don't have time in the
schedule or the rooms to host a partial triple. 


Here is the relevant information from the invite: 


The teams advancing to the Elimination rounds will be determined by the
following criteria: The top half of the Open teams will clear. Each team
must have a winning record (4 or more wins) in order to advance, even if
that results in a total that is slightly less than half of all Open teams.
The maximum number of Open teams advancing will be 32. We will also hold an
appropriate number of elimination rounds in Junior Varsity and Novice


We will clear half the field in JV, providing they have a record of 3-3 or
better. No teams with a losing record will advance. 


2. I would like to encourage everyone to finalize their judging ASAP. We are
very excited to be as large as we are this year and want to thank the
community for supporting the Texas Two Step. Both UTD and UNT are happy to
see our numbers and the quality of the competition growing. However, as a
result we are going to be very tight on judging. This will especially be
true round 7 when we have the last prelim in the open division and the
partial Octo for JV. In many cases (I say, as I browse over the Bruschke
site) schools have yet to enter their judges. So, here is our appeal: please
finalize teams and judges as soon as possible so we can have a better idea
of how many hired and additional judges we'll need to make the Fear and
Loathing run as smoothly as possible. We will be closing the Bruschke system
at high noon on the 4th of January. I'll assume that your teams and judging
numbers have been checked over and are final at that time. If there are
changes that need to be made AFTER 12:00pm on the 4th  of January,  please
send them to Scott Herndon (scott.herndon at utdallas.edu). 


3. The novice division currently has only one team entered. We'd love to
offer three divisions of debate - please enter your novice teams ASAP so we
can order trophies for that division. If we do not get enough entries to
justify a separate division we will collapse JV and Novice into a single


4. The Hotel block at the Westin ends this Friday. This means that if you
have not finalized your reservation by THIS FRIDAY you are no longer
guaranteed to get rooms at the block rate. We strongly encourage you to take
advantage of low room rate at the tournament hotel and make your
reservations soon!


5. One minor change from the tournament invite is the procedure for
assessing fees for uncovered rounds. Instead of the $130.00 per uncovered
team, we will institute a fee of $30.00 per uncovered round. As we have
said, we don't come close to making a profit on this tournament and the
$30.00 will go directly to hiring and/or bribing judges to fill the
uncovered commitments. As I said above, we are going to be tight on judges.
So please, pretty please, bring or hire enough to cover your commitment. If
not, be advised of the new fee system. 


6. We will have internet access on campus this year! I will be posting a
separate note regarding pre-tournament security procedures for the internet


7. Finally, we are in the process of making the food orders, so please
finalize your vegetarian/vegan/omnivore preferences on the Bruschke system
ASAP. Yes, the breakfast burritos will be back!


Let me or Chris know if you have any questions. Hope the break is going
well. We look forward to seeing you in Dallas in January. 





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