[eDebate] Congrats to Annie!!!

Scott Deatherage lsd041
Fri Dec 15 12:03:07 CST 2006

Many of you remember Annie Kastanek, a 2001 graduate of Northwestern 
University.  Annie debated for four years and as a senior earned a 
First Round At-Large invitation to the National Debate 
Tournament.  After graduation she spent a year with the NYUDL before 
returning to Northwestern for law school.

Yesterday she accepted an appointment by Justice Anthony Kennedy to 
serve as one of his clerks for the Supreme Court term that begins in 
October of 2007.  CONGRATS ANNIE!!!

Annie is one of the hardest working students that I've had the honor 
of working with in my 21 year tenure at Northwestern.  She came to us 
with relatively limited debate experience from small town 
Minnesota.  She almost didn't join, fearful that a kid w/ no national 
experience couldn't make it in college debate.  As a first year 
student, she spent a good deal of time in the 3-5 bracket.  As a 
senior, she completed her career after a tough 3-2 loss in the octos 
of NDT, a debate that pushed that year's Copeland Award winner to the 
brink.  In between was a lot of hard work, some great research and 
strategy, and a lot of practice.

On a personal note, let me say that Annie Kastanek is the type of 
student and person who gives coaches a reason to do what they do 
year-in and year-out.  I have spoken to her strong work ethic, which 
all coaches appreciate.  But more important, she is a leader, a 
strong and positive voice, one that is forward looking and solution 
oriented.  Annie was at Northwestern in what was without a doubt the 
toughest year of my coaching career.  Internal strife nearly tore our 
team apart that year.  I won't share the gory details, but I will say 
that it is one of the few times I seriously considered moving 
on.  Annie was instrumental -- essential -- in getting us to put our 
knives away and re-learning the art of working and playing well 
together.  She and Eli barely qualified for the NDT that season; they 
had to submit a third team bid with only two tournaments as a team 
under their belt.  They aren't the most talented team I have ever 
coached at the NDT, but they may well be the most important.

Proud today in Evanston.  Best, all.  SD  PS:  You are welcome to 
drop her a note of congrats at anniekastanek at gmail.com.  

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