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Mon Dec 18 17:45:58 CST 2006


I hope everyone is planning on spending some time in Norman for CEDA Nationals, 2007.  As the host, I will be offerring some 
information that pertains to our role in the process.

I want to inform you of a couple of things that we are able to attempt to offer.

This year, outrounds will be at the University, which is approximately 3-5 minutes directly down Lindsey Street from the 
tournament hotel.  For those who will not leave the hotel on Sunday we are planning to webcast 2 seperate outrounds during 
the last day of competition.  There is a possibility of more, but we will have at least two.  

We are also attempting to get the local cable company, local network to cover some rounds and broadcast them on air the last 
day.  (maybe need a delay for bleep bleep bleep)

The food choices available within 1 mile of the hotel are excellent, and will accomodate any budget.

There is a bowling alley within walking distance of the hotel.

We are also considering a seniors and coaches only private party at a private club.  If any of you read this, what night would be 
preferable?   - This is a Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun  Debate schedule!
I will accept input.

Now about the hotel.  I will not identify the hotel yet, Dave will take care of this soon.  

However, it is all brand new. Try to be clean.   It has a BBQ Rest., and an excellent bar that will be open on Sunday as late as 
legally possible.  The owners are great people, and seem sincere in accomodating our needs.  They have blocked off the entire 
hotel for accomodating the debate tournament.

There are other things we wish to offer, but this should be good for starters.

I hope to see everyone in Norman in March.

Jackie Massey
Director of Debate
University of Oklahoma

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