[eDebate] The Fat Faction XMas Challenge is underway...

Joshua Gonzalez gonzalez
Tue Dec 19 19:49:05 CST 2006

Where: Outback Steakhouse, East Lansing, Michigan
Who: Strauss, Dave and Burke, Ryan
When: Right now.
What: For XMas, Repko has presented them with a 140 dollar gift card to the
Outback, with the following stipulations - 
1. They have to spend the entirety of the 140 dollars in one sitting.
2. They are not allowed to spend a penny of it on drinks of any kind.  Water
3. They have to finish everything that they order, except for veggies and
salad (because making them finish the veggies and salad really wouldn't be
in the spirit of the competition).  Veggies and salads can't be ordered to
increase the bill, otherwise they have to be finished, i.e., no dinner salad
4. If they don't complete parts 1-3, they have to repay the entirety of the
gift card.  
More updates to come.
Joshua Gonzalez
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Michigan State University
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