[eDebate] Debatosaur Fossils Found!

David Seikel dseikel
Sat Dec 23 08:52:46 CST 2006

Paleontologists recently shocked the scientific community by  
unearthing the "missing links" in the evolution of policy debate . . .

Conclusive proof of the extinct species, "debatosaur," is now  
available on the internet for scholarly assessment . . .


1.	Background

During the last seven years, I accumulated a vast archive of debate  
recordings, transcripts, tournament information, and other  
memorabilia.  (Later, I may write a detailed account of how I got all  
this stuff.)

Although I do not purport to be a scholar, I have long adhered to to  
the Prime Directive of Academia: "Never Throw Anything Away!"

Before I retired and moved to Europe three years ago, I did, however,  
amend the Prime Directive with the Seikel Corollary: "Never Throw  
Anything Away, Until You Have Digitized It!"

I now have digitized tens of thousands of pages of debate material  
and dozens of audio recordings of "ancient" debates.

2.	Website

Recently, I created a website on which I will post portions of my  
debate archive.  Here is the URL:


Note: I am a complete "newbie" at website creation and maintenance.   
Please bear with me while I "crawl" up the learning curve.  My plan  
(hope?) is to establish a website with a more sophisticated structure  
and format, but, for now, I will use my "quick and dirty" first effort.

Further Note:  I have been a Kool-Aid drinking member of the  
Macintosh Cult since I bought two of the first 50,000 off the  
assembly line in 1984.  Although I will attempt to accommodate the  
technical needs of those of you on the Dark Side, I may not always  

3.	NDT Audio

To complement the personal accounts of final rounds on the NDT  
website, I have posted recordings of the final rounds at West Point  
in 1957 and 1969.

Also, I posted the 1961 West Point final starring Larry Tribe, Gene  
Clements, Frank Harrison, and Peter Smith.

Much more to come over the next few months!

The audio recordings are in M4A format.  Dark Side Devotees may need  
to download the free QuickTime Player software from the Apple website  
at this URL:


Note: Although the recordings can be played through iTunes, I  
generally prefer to use the non-iTunes Quicktime Player for debates,  
moots, lectures, and similar content.

Currently, I am working with Allan Louden to transfer copies of my  
NDT recordings, transcripts, and tournament info to the official NDT  

4.	NDT1969

Located here are various items, including the tournament book,  
prelims pairings (missing round 8), prelim results, photos, final  
round ballots, and other material, from the 1969 NDT.


Until the year 2000, I did not know that reports titled  
"Intercollegiate Speech Tournament Results" were published each year  
from 1962 through 1992 (excluding 1982-1984).  Although my college  
coach, Bill English, had some of them in his files, he probably  
didn't show them to the squad members out of concern that we would  
waste valuable research time perusing and discussing those reports.

I have scanned all of the ISTRs that were published and am doing some  
clean-up on the images.  My goal is to post one every week or so  
until I have all of them up.

ISTR 1962 is up; later reports are far more comprehensive, and most  
include an index by school.

6.	OklaHS (Oklahoma High School Debate)

Before emigrating to Texas to attend the University of Houston  
(1966-1969), I debated at St. Gregory's High School in Shawnee,  
Oklahoma (1963-1965) and Harrah Junior High School, Harrah, Oklahoma  

The initial post on the OklaHS segment is a report by Frank G.  
Mitchell, son of legendary Seminole High School coach H. B. Mitchell,  
titled "A History of Oklahoma Debate Champions."  He recounts the  
staggering dominance of Oklahoma high schools in competitive  
forensics during the period up to 1960.  (Frank won second at NFL  
Nationals in 1951; his brother, Robert, won first in 1956.)

I am preparing a series of charts to update and supplement Mitchell's  
history.  Drafts of the charts will be up shortly.

7.	Other Segments

There are "place-holders" for other segments on my website; more  
content is coming soon!


Well, that's a preliminary overview . . . .  many more fossils will  
be available during 2007!

Happy Holidays!!!

Debatosaurus Tex (a/k/a David Seikel)

Warning:  Lame attempts at humor by referring to debatosaur fossils  
as coprolites will result in attacks on the perpetrators by a cloned  
herd of Verbal Velociraptors!!!

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