[eDebate] Debatosaur Fossils Found! - Update 1

David Seikel dseikel
Sun Dec 24 22:51:09 CST 2006

Debatosaur fossil find foments ferocious frenzy of fantastic frequent  
file forwarding . . .



I had no idea so many people would be interested in my project or  
that it would be so exuberantly received.

Numerous old friends and new acquaintances have graciously sent me  
back-channel thank-yous.

Since I posted "Debatosaur Fossils Found" on 23 December 2006, I  
received over 500 hits on my website and used over 4.5 G of my 5 G  
data transfer limit.

And all this happened on Christmas weekend!

Unfortunately, as a consequence of this wholly unexpected level of  
enthusiasm,  I had to remove all of the content and delete all of the  
website segments except for NDTAudio.  I put a message on that page  
stating that the 1957, 1961, and 1969 recordings are now at the NDT  

It appears that I will not have the luxury of "crawling" up the  
website creation and management learning curve.  The herd of cloned  
Verbal Velociraptors that I mentioned at the end of "Debatosaur  
Fossils Found" is after me! LOL

I'm going to scramble, learn to use a website creation package  
(probably either RapidWeaver or SandVox), and locate a reliable  
webhosting company for a reasonably priced plan with a high transfer  

Even with a high limit, I will probably need to impose a data  
transfer "throttle" to keep my out-of-pocket costs under control.  If  
so, when I activate my new website, I will explain the details in an  
update here on eDebate.

My goal is to have my new website on-line in early January 2007.


Thanks for your support and patience.

"I'll be back"!!!

Debatosaurus Tex
(a/k/a David Seikel)

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