[eDebate] USC Alan Nichols Prefs Are Active

Gordon Stables stables
Tue Dec 26 04:15:10 CST 2006

Happy Holidays to all.

The online judge preferences for the USC Alan Nichols tournament are now 
available at www.debateresults.com

As mentioned in the invitation we are using a six category system of 
judge ratings. This system asks participants to rank judges based on 
their number of committed rounds and it attempts to provide a bell curve 
(or varying sets of preference) for the overall number of rounds in the 
pool. Preferences must be completed by 10 pm on December 28th.

The basic percentage of the pool included in each category are:

1 (most preferred) - 10%
2 - 15%
3 - 25%
4 - 20%
5 - 15% (also include constraints)
6 - 10%

Other than providing differing sizes for the categories the other 
noticeable change is that we are approaching category 1 & 2 as highly 
preferred by teams. When mutually is possible within that range it will 
be used first, but we will also use 1-2 or 2-1 matchups as an example of 
high preference (i.e, the top 25%). The goal is to place as many rounds 
as possible before having to extend into the mutuality of 3-3 (26%-50%) 
or below.

This system is an outgrowth of a number of great ideas and analysis by 
other directors this semester. Thanks to Ross Smith, Tim O'Donnell, John 
Fritch, Gary Larson and Rich Edwards. Any problems are, of course, our 
This system is active now for both divisions and can be easily tracked 
on the site. Prefs are a binding system in Varsity and will be treated 
as an advisory model for JV (i.e., we will work to accommodate a broader 
system of preferences in JV).

Happy holidays to all. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any 



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