[eDebate] ...or not salvation

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Sun Dec 3 21:48:54 CST 2006

......Not like I can do anything about the BCS.....But ok, you got me,

Dont worry, I hate Urban Meyer more than I hate you :)


ps. OU Big 12 Champs!!!! (yes, I have a rule that if Michigan and OU play I
cheer for OU...yes, its happened - I wore an OU jersey to the UofM OU NIT

On 12/3/06, Jason Russell <jasonlrussell1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1. It never stops being funny to yank Hoe's chain. He has exceeded his own
> previously lofty record in ground-speed from 0 to crazy. I was pretty sure
> for a second there he would clown Repko's little league team. He still may
> now that Ive given him the idea.
> 2. I was kinda a supporter of the idea of Michigan playing OSU again
> before, but now Ive changed my mind because it is quite possible their fans
> exhibit more of a sense of entitlement than any other fans short of Notre
> Dame fans. Im basing this decision solely on the reaction of Josh, which is
> irrational, but fun.
> 3. Come on...Farra and Keenan deserved a bit of a ribbing for counting
> those chickens when they did. Totally legit play to pour salt on the wound
> they opened up by posting 24 hours before they games are announced. And
> where was your outrage at those dong-gongers for USC fans who had just
> hilariously had their hearts' broken by UCLA? I mean, live by the sword, my
> friends.
> Go blow,
> J
> P.S. I ordered these subpoints to make it easier for the inevitable and
> forthcoming Hoe line-by-line assault. Should be entertaining as usual.
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