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Don't be haters...Just be happy for the Gators.  I'm sure  Urban would like 
you if he met you Josh.  Michigan had their shot and they  lost.  Heck, the 
Fighting Zooks only lost by 7 and held OSU to 17  points.  Let's give them a 
rematch.  The BCS can never really get it  *right* but this is as right as they 
could possibly get it.  12-1 in the  toughest conference with the toughest 
schedule is tough to pass up.  
It's great...to be...a Florida Gator!  Said it's great...to be...a  Florida 
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......Not like I can do anything about the BCS.....But ok, you got  me,
Dont worry, I hate Urban Meyer more than I hate you :)

ps. OU Big 12 Champs!!!! (yes, I have a rule that if Michigan and OU play  I 
cheer for OU...yes, its happened - I wore an OU jersey to the UofM OU NIT  


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