[eDebate] ...or not salvation

Phillip Samuels iriamenzo
Mon Dec 4 01:22:58 CST 2006

I will go on record saying that Florida will get smoked.  Let's look at some 
of Florida's wins--and I use that term loosely--they barely beat South 
Carolina by a point (17-16), they beat Vandy by 6 points, (who Michigan beat 
by 20) and they escaped with a win against a powerful 6-6 Florida State 
team.  This team is in way over their heads which Urban Meyer knows.  It is 
true that Florida won a mediocre SEC this year.  Auburn,Tennessee, Georgia, 
and LSU were not nearly as good as they have been in the past.  But 
pollsters have fooled themselves into believing that the SEC is the best 
conference in college football regardless of how good the teams actually 
are.  This year conference play was a joke, all across the nation, the two 
best teams are clearly OSU and Michigan and they should be playing each 
other.  Florida lost to Auburn which is a deeply flawed team.  Aurburn got 
beat like dogs by a very average Georgia team.  However, Michigan only lost 
to OSU on the road by 3 points. Michigan's quality of loss far exceeds any 
other teams in the country.  In the end that should be the deciding factor, 
but it wasn't television ratings were.  The brain trust that does the polls 
did some polling of their own and found that people wanted to watch someone 
OTHER than Michigan play and that is what we got.  Even though it is going 
to be blowout it won't matter cause people will watch until halftime.  And 
to top it off they place Michigan in the Rose Bowl against USC, functionally 
making Michigan play USC at home.  Priceless! Do not email about the 
logistics of the Bowl system I understand them but it reminds me of the days 
when Big 8 teams had to go to Orange Bowl and play Miami for the national 
championship know how many of those games Miami lost? Zero.  Ok I have 
homework but I will say I have never been a proponent of a playoff but after 
this jobbing I am leaning heavily in that direction.  Phil

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>Don't be haters...Just be happy for the Gators.  I'm sure  Urban would like
>you if he met you Josh.  Michigan had their shot and they  lost.  Heck, the
>Fighting Zooks only lost by 7 and held OSU to 17  points.  Let's give them 
>rematch.  The BCS can never really get it  *right* but this is as right as 
>could possibly get it.  12-1 in the  toughest conference with the toughest
>schedule is tough to pass up.
>It's great...to be...a Florida Gator!  Said it's great...to be...a  Florida
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>......Not like I can do anything about the BCS.....But ok, you got  me,
>Dont worry, I hate Urban Meyer more than I hate you :)
>ps. OU Big 12 Champs!!!! (yes, I have a rule that if Michigan and OU play  
>cheer for OU...yes, its happened - I wore an OU jersey to the UofM OU NIT
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