[eDebate] Open Heart? Legends/Legend Killers...

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Dec 4 11:24:30 CST 2006

I would Like to see Erik jenkins and Monte Stevens Back in action

On 12/4/06, Matt Gerber <matt_gerber27 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I have heard rumors about the Open Heart, but there is still no official
> posting/invite from the Jayhawks....is this going to happen? Certain
> people
> need to know asap so they can start doing speed drills (although I
> personally never stopped...).
> I am not trying to call anyone out here, but here are some of the
> "tentative" Heart partner pairings that I have heard about through the
> proverbial Grapevine. Not sure any of these folks have reached "legend"
> status yet, maybe Zive...
> Scott Herndon & David Magariel (hopefully one of them got faster...)
> Hajir Ardibili & Josh Zive (actually a scary team...two former debate
> stars
> turned attorneys, on a legal topic? Yikes.)
> Terri Easley & Halli Tripe (can you say Topicality?)
> Jeff Roberts & Obie Lansford (can you say Baudrillard?)
> Mike Eber & Scott Harris (actually I haven't heard this, but wouldn't it
> be
> sweet?)
> Myself & Jake Thompson (bad cop + worse cop =s SLOW cop)
> If you know of other potential partner pairings for the Heart, post 'em to
> edebate, let's get this thing going....even if you have heard it in the
> context of "smack talk" like I heard from Leeper the other day...that's
> right, she has made the claim that her and Palczewski could really mop up
> if
> this thing happens.
> ~Gerber
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