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Aaron Kall mardigras23
Mon Dec 4 12:06:56 CST 2006

Let me preface this by saying even
though I work at Michigan, I?m
not a UM football fan.  I root for one
team, UK, and
will be rooting for them on December 29 when they play Clemson in the Music
City Bowl.

But, it?s December and I wanted to
chime in.

Top 5 Reasons UM is better than UF
and should have had a rematch vs. OSU for the national championship:

UM was
     unbeaten against all teams on its schedule ranked lower than number one.UM?s
     only loss was to undefeated and number one OSU by 3- UF?s only loss was by
     10 to a 2-loss Auburn team who was blown out at home by Georgia.UM?s
     out of conference schedule, which included at Notre Dame (BCS #11),
     Central Michigan (Going to a Bowl), and Vanderbilt (part of best
     conference in America), is obviously better than UF?s, which included Southern
     Miss, Central Florida, Western Carolina, and FSU.  No wonder UF has the most wins- their 12
     victories include wins against teams not in division I football.Vegas
     lines- In a hypothetical Michigan-Florida matchup, Las Vegas betting lines named UM a six-point favorite (http://www.detroitnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061204/SPORTS08/612040383).
      In a UM-OSU matchup on a neutral
     field, the line couldn?t be OSU by more than 3, as UM only lost by 3 in Columbus.  First Vegas line
     has OSU favored over UF by 5.5 (http://www.kristv.com/Global/story.asp?S=5732208)UF and
     UM played one common opponent- Vanderbilt. 
     UM won by 20- UF won by 6.

 It is obvious that UF is playing OSU not because they are a
better team, but because ?the country? doesn?t want to see an all Big Ten
rematch and people switched their vote accordingly.  Does anyone really think UF would have jumped
UM if USC beat UCLA?  Even after losing
to OSU, UM was ranked ahead of UF for several weeks.   

Finally, the argument that you have to win your conference
championship to compete for the national championship is silly.  This year, it just so happens the best two
teams in the country are in the same conference- the Big Ten.  Should UNC or Duke not be allowed to play for
the basketball national championship because only one of them can win the ACC
championship?  Since the Big Ten doesn?t
even have a championship game, it further doesn?t make sense.  Every team
in the Big Ten doesn?t even play each other during the regular season- OSU didn?t play Wisconsin
this year, for example.

Urban Meyer obviously did a better job of lobbying for UF,
as Lloyd Carr refused to even make arguments supporting UM.  Even though Carr is old school, he should
have at least been willing to argue for his team until a different system is in


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