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I realy dont think Michigan got "jobbed" because Florida is an inferior  
number two.  The reason Michigan got "jobbed" is because after Florida  finished 
that schedule you love so much Michigan was rated higher than  them....then 
Florida barely beat a terrible FSU team.....and Michigan was  still rated higher 
than them....then Florida beat a now 3 loss Arkansas  team...and somehow they 
jumped above Michigan.  As Lloyd put it "I don't  think they would have moved 
ahead of us if USC had won their game," Carr said  of the Gators. "I don't 
know what the voters were thinking ? you'd have to ask  them ? but I don't think 
there's any question that if USC wins, we remain No.  3."  This point was 
proven last week when - Michigan stayed ahead of  Florida. 

I agree Josh that the system is flawed.  I also agree that there  aren't 
enough matchups between the "power" teams from each conference to  determine which 
conference is best/tougher.  I can say that the SEC is 10-6  over the past 
three seasons which is a solid win % relative to other  conferences.  Ultimately 
you are right that the system is too  subjective.

In other words, the problem isnt Florida or Florida's schedule or if  Florida 
is deserving...The problem is with a system that became a popularity  contest.


Another problem was with an opposing coach (Meyer) not just pumping his  own 
teams credentials but also denigrating the other team in the  press.

Disagree.  This is America, the land of politicing.  What is  Meyer supposed 
to do?  His team was rated behind Michigan so he had to  address Michigan 
specifically.  I think the Michigan fans that are getting  all riled up by Mitch 
Albom and others need to chill out.

Another problem was with the sweater vest abstaining (after already being  
caught letting his Assistant AD do the voting earlier in the year) seemingly  
because as a Big Ten coach he couldnt rank Florida and he didnt want to play  
Michigan again. 

I don't have a position on this.  I can see it both ways for  Tressel.  He 
really was in a no win situation.

Finally, the coaches poll became a north/south divide for the most part  
(with Big Ten votes hurting Michigan because Zook voted for Florida - shocker  - 
and Tressell abstained while all the SEC voters voted Florida 2).  

Coaches poll is illegit.  I've always thought that.  Grad  Assistants filling 
out polls at the 11th hour every week is specious at  best.

Now all that said:
Florida is a deserving team.  They have had a great year.   

Your arguments about schedule are inherently circular - basically your  
argument is "everybody knows the SEC is the toughest conference" and then  quoting 
back SEC wins and saying that means excellence.  Truth is this is  all 
subjective....I am not sure by how you are making your arguments that you  have seen 
many Michigan games this year.  I have seen a ton of Florida  games and do 
think they are a very talented squad especially on defense.   

I think the fact that 3 of the top 12 teams according to the BCS rankings  
shows that there is a lot of support for the SEC being a strong  conference.  
The Big 10 should really be the Big 2 because Wisconsin is  suspect (Out of 
conference games against Bowling Green, Western Illinois, San  Diego State and 
Buffalo is pathetic, plus they avoided playing Ohio State and  got to feast on 
the chum of the Big 10 (Indiana, Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue,  Minnesota plus 
a down Iowa team and a down Penn State).  

Wouldnt it just be better to let us settle it on the field?  Thats  the one 
thing Lloyd and Meyer have pushed in concert.

100% agree.  Unfortunately that won't happen in the near future so  until the 
system changes, you need to make due with what you have and I think  the BCS 
got it as *right* as it could this year.


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