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I agree Josh that the system is flawed.  I also agree that there  aren't 
enough matchups between the "power" teams from each conference to  determine which 
conference is best/tougher.  I can say that the SEC is  10-6 over the past 
three seasons which is a solid win % relative to other  conferences.  Ultimately 
you are right that the system is too  subjective.

I meant to say 10-6 in bowl games.  We also have some evidence  of strength 
between the SEC and other conferences by looking at some of the  bigger 
matchups this year:
Florida beat Florida State (don't write off the rivalry games, just ask  USC)
Georgia beat Georgia Tech
South Carolina beast Clemson
LSU beat Arizona (crushed them...the same team that beat the most overrated  
team in the Pac-10, Cal)
Tennessee beat Cal
Sure this isn't exactly the best versus the best but it is at least some  
evidence that the SEC can hold its own against teams from other BCS  conferences.

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