[eDebate] Legends vs. Legend Killers: Who's Next?

Joseph Carver carrolltondebate
Mon Dec 4 14:33:18 CST 2006

I have to admit that my first blush on this Open Heart idea was dismissive-
too much nostalgia plus I have just barely stuck around long enough for
people to stop remembering how bad I was - but then it occured to me that
there are some teams I would pay to see so I thought I would jot them down.

1 Jason Petersen and Don Baker - the early version of Petersen and Kloster
with a hillbilly edge and a west coast fight streak. This team could would
be brutal

2 Greg Achten and Caleb Feeler- No way Greg would consent nor is it likely
that the State of Texas probation department would  either.

3 Thompson and Hopper - Old school SMS unafraid to read affirmatives without
advocates and in the running for greatest size disparity partnership. Plus
it was awesome when Hoppers girlfriend showed up and threatened to kill

4 Scott Harris and anyone - self explanatory....genius

5 Tim Mahoney and Matt Roskoski- First Kansas school to run to CEDA,
innovators of the 5 word piece of evidence

6 Glueboy and M Barreto - in the " It still moves" category, I would like to
see if Foy can make it happen

7 Thad Blank and Charles Olney- genius that will make you yawn yourself to

8 Jason Regnier and Joe Ramsey- Every good party HAS to have music, chair
dancing and a demand that we give the land back ( Kansas is a good state to
start with )

9 Peter Ferguson and Madison Laird- Dust of Jay Busse, LMU is back

10 Elizabeth and Will Repko - I have seen Biza get it done with ALOT  less.

These are just a few but now I am sorta in the spirit.

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